Check Engine Light

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We have all been there before: That moment when your Check Engine light comes on and panic consumes you. What does that light mean? Where should you have it serviced? Today’s vehicles are primarily computer-controlled and utilize sophisticated technology to operate properly. The use of this technology plays a significant part in the diagnosis of your vehicle’s performance. When your vehicle is illuminating the “Check Engine” light or not running properly, oftentimes computer diagnostics are needed to determine what part is malfunctioning.

What Does It Mean?

When a Check Engine light is illuminated, this means the onboard computer system in your vehicle has detected a problem or service need with one or more of the many different systems it monitors and controls, such as your engine or transmission. Therefore, Milex recommends our Computer Diagnostics service to provide you with an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Our Computer Diagnostics service utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, which is connected to your vehicle to view any computer trouble codes.

Why Milex?

Our trained technicians utilize the same procedures the dealerships perform by retrieving this information directly from the vehicle’s data stream to accurately pinpoint your system’s failure or service needs. Once the data is retrieved from the trouble code, our technicians can provide a service or repair recommendation to eliminate the Check Engine light, restoring your vehicle to its initial road-ready condition.

At Multistate Milex Auto Care in Warren, MI, we take pride in fixing only what needs to fixed — nothing more. Our Check Engine light services are no different.

To have your Check Engine light diagnosed, find your nearest Milex to consult a professional.

FAQs About Check Engine Light

What does a flashing light mean vs. a steady light?

A flashing light indicates a problem that is currently happening and may require immediate attention, whereas a steady light can be diagnosed at the first convenient opportunity.

How does a technician check the light?

A technician connects a scan tool to your car’s on-board diagnostic system to determine the problem. Further diagnostics may be required to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

If you live in the Warren ~ Detroit area and have a car or truck with an actively light check engine signal, Multistate Milex Auto Care offers a inspection at our Warren ~ Detroit area auto repair facility by team of automotive specialists. We invite you schedule an appointment as quickly as possible to avoid a potentially more serious maintenance issue.